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About Roster Point

Roster Point Hockey was designed to help aspiring hockey players find hope and potential playing opportunities at the highest level they can play at. We know that some hockey players get drafted and thousands don't.  Our mission is to break down logistical barriers that are restricting players from advancing their careers and give these thousands of players the opportunity to promote themselves directly to recruiting teams.

Roster Point Hockey has two sides of their brand.

The primary vision of Roster Point Hockey is to provide players with an opportunity to play at the highest level. This means that for players from the age of 12, till they turn pro, Roster Point Hockey will promote them for free. Yes, you read that correct, for free. You can create a profile, add video, and enter stats for your season, and use our great in-house app to talk to perspective teams. As well, we have now partnered with CVS to make the only player promotion service with CVS ranked players. CVS, of course, is the ranking service that has been in use in the NHL for 12 years and is 90% accurate in capturing all NHL Players that go on to play over 100 games. It also identifies quality NHL players when others dismissed them.

Our other vision is to add value added services to our players and teams through a variety of services. Below you will find some of our great service we are now offering:

In Game Analytics- $1000 for 5 games

In Game Analytics (IGA) is the most powerful value added service that CVS and Roster Point offers. CVS will use a player’s game video to see what the player is doing wrong on the ice and give the player advice on correcting these actions. Each assessment is for five games, and if a player follows this advice they will see an improvement in their CVS ranking.

Combines- $150/ combine

CHL and NCAA scouts still love their physical numbers, and this is why Roster Point will be holding combines across the USA and Canada to professionally assess players physical numbers. We will be expanding to Europe as well if there is enough demand. These combines are official numbers and will be tracked but the results will not be released unless the player asks us to.

RPH Video Services- $250 for RPH videographers, $150 for self-filmed

A players profile is not complete without the video, and with the ability to place six clips in the near future, you need to invest. RPH will send a videographer to take footage and then edit it professionally. We know what scouts are looking for, and with our help, you will be showcased in just the right way.

Elite Camps Price TBA

In the near future, Roster Point will host elite camps across the US, Europe and Canada, bringing with them top instructors and an opportunity to interact with those who could get you to the next level. Stay tuned to the site, or contact Roster Point for more information.

Roster Point Hockey Spring Showcase

Spring hockey can be the proving ground for many players, and that is why Roster Point Hockey will be hosting our Inaugural Spring Showcase in the spring of 2018. Top ranked CVS players and other highly skilled players will be invited to compete in our Showcase in front of the top teams and scouts from Canada and the USA.   This will be a MUST on your calendars. Location TBA.  

Roster Point with CVS will be the difference maker in your future. The ability to be seen, and ranked for your skill rather than politics is what makes Roster Point different. Get to the next level, and sign up with Roster Point.



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