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Team Tips for Effective Recruiting On Roster Point

Using Roster Point’s new technology to help you recruit players will bring a new level of effectiveness to your recruiting process.

Here are some ways to do that:

      One of the features we offer is “Player Requests”. When you’re ready to start searching for players you may want to submit a Player Request. A player request will identify very specific information about the player(s) you are interested in finding. Our proprietary Matching Algorithm goes to work and finds the right players for you. You can submit an unlimited amount of Player Requests with a team account.

      If you want to browse the site for players you can, but if you have specific search criteria there are many options for you, such as Geographies, Demographics, Height, Weight, Shot, Position, Team(s) played, Level of play, Highest level played, DOB, With video, Without video, Relocation Status, Academic status, Financial Status, Date Available, Decision Making, Choice of league, Strengths, Weaknesses and Career goals.

      Communication is another key factor that we have built into the system. If you find a player and would like to communicate with him or her you can with our messaging feature. Players will also be able to message you. If you see a player and you want to share their information with another member of your team you can do this as well.

·       Roster Point is proud to have partnered with CVS, and are now the only platform that these valuable rankings are available on. For those who are not aware, CVS has been working in the NHL for over a decade with a 90% success rate in finding players that will play over 100 games in the league. They bring this success rate to Junior hockey, and a wealth of experience and expertise with their patented algorithm.

Roster Point will be a valuable asset to your recruiting process and team. It is a technological innovation that will revolutionize hockey recruiting and Roster Point will streamline your process.  As well, with the added bonus of CVS ranking, Roster Point has quickly become the quintessential hockey recruiting platform in North America.