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The Roster Point Top 10

1. A tool that brings players to you

  • The tradition of sending scouts out to arenas to watch game after game can be enhanced by allowing a scout to have a Roster Point account. Scouts can look up player details immediately. This age old process could also be reduced as you can find prospects right from the comfort of your living room.

2. A reduction in your recruiting costs

  • It doesn’t matter what level of hockey you’re in. Roster Point can bring players right to you. Minor hockey teams, junior hockey teams, Prep Schools, Athletic Schools, Spring and Summer teams and most importantly male and female players.

3. An easy to use on line system

  • Roster Point doesn’t take time off or call in sick. The proprietary custom algorithm works 24/7, so there will always be prospects matched to your Player Requests.

4. A recruiting tool designed to mitigate risk

  • Before you just open the tryouts to anyone you can find valid prospects and see video on them before inviting them to camp.

5. A step by step system that anyone can use

  • The Roster Point system is so easy to use for any member of a team or any player wishing to highlight their hockey career.

6. Brings you validated players

  • We use shared data from other trusted hockey data websites that will ensure you as a team are looking at the most accurate data on players. Our video feature will also confirm if a players' statements are true and accurate.

7. Brings you qualified players

  • The Player profile questions were designed with the assistance of elite coaches and scouts. Asking the right questions about every part of a players hockey career and life only enhances our understanding of the quality of the player.

8. Brings you more choice, options and better results

  • Whether you are just browsing the site, using some of our searching criteria or using our Player Request feature you will find you have more choice which in turn gives you better options for your roster needs. You control who you want to explore.

9. The only solution

  • We are the ONLY all-encompassing Hockey recruiting website. We do not do any other sport so we are experts in hockey and that is what you need from a hockey recruiting partner like Roster Point.

10. Affordable

  • Roster Point offers the best solution at the right price. We understand the costs associated with recruiting players and we resolve to be the difference maker in reducing these costs. Your teams level will dictate whether or not these costs are monetary or time related, either way we will help.