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The CVS Sport Analytics

CVS Sports Analytics is the only 100% analytics based independent Ranking Services in the sport, and is by far the most accurate at ranking NHL player prospects as well as Major Junior prospects.  Roster Point is proud to be working with this amazing company to rank its own database. When a player signs up for Roster Point Hockey, they are evaluated by the CVS algorithm. This algorithm determines the chances of a player playing over 100 games in the NHL. Previously to its partnership with Roster Point, CVS was only ranking Minor Midget Players from Elite Prospects, but with this partnership CVS and Roster Point, Roster Point becomes another premier database for CVS ranked players.

CVS was founded in 2006 and traditionally have only shared their ranking with a few choice NHL scouts. Their system captured 90% of all the players that went on to play over 100 games, and this created a lucrative database for NHL scouts and GM’s to look at players.  With its success in the pros, an OHL team approached the company to see if their system would be successful in the CHL. CVS was not only successful, but it was more successful in the CHL. These rankings are not the traditional way to evaluate hockey players, and yet year after year, CVS has produced exceptional results.

Here at Roster Point, we want to bring together players and teams, and with CVS the real value of these players is going to be brought to the surface. An OHL coach has called the results absolute genius, and NCAA scouts have quickly seen the value that CVS brings.

CVS is different than the other ranking systems, it is accurate. Their top 50 list is not based on who saw which player, or stat padding. It comes down to matching a player's maximum capability and finding a team that matches. No matter what level you play at you could end up with a CVS value. Because CVS is ranking RPH players the number of tested players will increase from just testing the Elite Prospect Players, thus possibly creating more CVS Identified players and increasing the number of highly skilled players to choose from on RPH.  This is just one very good reason to have a Player Profile.  If all CHL teams used the CVS list, you would see better-qualified players able to jump into playing positions sooner than the other guys. It’s that simple.

The partnership between CVS and Roster Point is the start of something great. Now is the time to take advantage of the great pricing being offered by Roster Point, no matter if you are a NCAA scout, or a GM of an OHL team, see the difference CVS and Roster Point can make next season today!