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Roster Point Hockey provides a neutral platform for hockey players from every level of the game the opportunity to network and promote themselves to higher level teams.

One of the critical pieces to the players profile is Video. Approximately 80% of the players currently signed up for Roster Point do not have video on their profile. We strongly believe that this will dramatically reduce a player’s chances of getting noticed.  Most scouts and teams that will use Roster Point for scouting and recruiting are using it as a means to reduce the amount of time they have to spend in the arenas. If they don’t see Video they may pass by these profiles. DON’T GET PASSED BY! Contact us at bryan@rosterpoint.com  

There are 3 spots for video on a player’s profile. We recommend that players have the following videos on their profile. For Goalies, often one longer video is best as they don’t leave the ice surface the entire game. We can usually get good highlight video and then a 2nd video of positioning, off puck behaviors, demeanor and body language.

1.     Highlight Reel – This video will highlight some of the player’s top plays, goals, assists, hits or back checks. For goalies, big saves, playing the puck, penalty shots

2.     Penalty Kill / Power Play - Having 3 – 4 clips of a player’s penalty kill and or power play will allow teams and scouts to see the players positioning, blocked shots and patience.

3.     Full Game - Recording a full game of only the player’s shifts will provide scouts with a very good idea about how a player see’s the game, his heart and drive.

Video is an essential component to completing a player’s profile. Roster Point offers Video Services to players that are

serious about making the jump to the next level. The following is our pricing chart and instructions on how to book us for 

your personalized video sessions.






Contact Roster Point at bryan@rosterpoint.com. Send us your copy of game video(s). We will Cut, Professionally Edit, add music, titles and add a highlight ring around the player for identification and Post it to the player’s profile. Send you a copy as well



Contact Roster Point at bryan@rosterpoint.com. Indicate the service PV1 or PV2. We send a Professional Videographer to the player’s game(s) and do the filming. We then Cut, professionally Edit, add music, titles, and identification ring around the player and Post it to the player’s profile. Send you a copy as well

*Prices are in US dollars. All videos produced and manufactured by us become the property of Roster Point and are kept privately on our YouTube Channel. Copies can be purchased for $99.99 but they still bare our trademark and cannot be reproduced or sold for any purpose.