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With Profile Editor, design a unique team profile that will attract players to your club and allow Roster Point to deliver you the players your team needs.

Filling Your Roster

With Roster Point’s powerful search engine, which is equipped with teams, players, and leagues, you are able to locate the players you desire for your roster in just seconds.

Instant Messaging

Roster Point's Messaging feature lets you actively interact with prospective players about camps, tryouts and team information

New Age Recruiting for Teams

Our goal is to optimize your recruitment process at anytime and any place by constantly delivering you a diverse selection of prospective players you need to compete.
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Depending on what level your team competes at, costs associated to run the team could be in the 6 figures. Roster Point can alleviate some player acquisition costs which allows you to invest more into player development and give you a healthier bottom line.
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Team Tips for Effective Recruiting on Roster Point

Let us share how we think Roster Point can improve your recruiting process and give you some important tips for your success!
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