About Us

Did you know that 50% of the players in the NHL were never drafted? We all have this perception in our minds that the only way to the show/NHL is to play AAA minor hockey, then get drafted into the USHL or Major Junior, then play for a couple of years then get drafted into the NHL. A lot of players simply give up or quit hockey because their career didn’t follow this direction. We have the media and uninformed parents to blame for this, but there is now hope for every aspiring hockey player.

Players need to determine is what hockey success is to them? Then they need to map out a plan to reach their success point and do this by creating small achievable goals that will lead them to their dream. Only a few players make the NHL, less than 1% of players, and the challenges to get there by taking this traditional route are extremely difficult. Players need to seek other paths to get to their success point. There could literally be an unlimited number of paths to take, but there’s one thing that remains consistent in every path to success…Exposure, without exposure there can’t be success!

Every player has a story and the story is different for every player. Age plays a big factor but it’s not the only one, there are external factors that have affected a players success for years. Things like relationships with the coaching staff, players being misplaced on teams due to politics, scouts not being there when the players is having the game of his life or the opposite, conflicts between scouts, extremely vocal parents, players not getting played when the scouts are watching, AA players who should be playing AAA, in some cases the influence of cash, and sadly, financial factors that wouldn’t allow a skilled kid to play competitive hockey. What the hockey world has been missing is an unbiased platform/website that would offer players the ability to promote themselves. A site that would give the player control over his hockey resume vs sites that have third party people updating their profiles. The site needs to show the players skill, talent, accurate stats and playing history and most of all their desire to play at the next level. All this important information needs to be in front of thousands of hockey followers including Coaches, Scouts, GM’s, Owners and hockey influencers 24/7/365. Therefore, we created Roster Point. It’s not specifically for any type of player or certain skill level, it’s for any player that aspires to succeed, no matter what hockey success is for the player.

Roster Point’s player exposure works because we expose players to more influencers, quickly and more often over time. By using Social Media to expose player profiles, more potential teams/coaches/scouts will see the player and with more eyes on the player the chances of the player getting an opportunity improve greatly. Players have moved from AA to AAA, they’ve moved up to every Junior Hockey level from Minor Hockey (Tier III to Tier II to Tier I to CHL), Junior players have moved on to College Hockey in the NCAA and ACHA, and now a few players have made the ultimate jump to the NHL from Major Junior, and the USHL, not just because they had a Roster Point Player Profile, they obviously had tremendous skill, but they will tell you that Roster Point made a very positive impact on their careers.

We cannot guarantee every player will have hockey success, but we can guarantee that every player will get noticed by more potential opportunities then they would ever get by leaving their exposure to chance. Don’t leave your career in the hands of just anyone, leave it up to the experts at Roster Point and we will show you exactly what we’re doing every step of the way.