About Us

Roster Point is an online platform designed to help aspiring hockey players promote their skill and talent to recruiting hockey teams. In turn, we give recruiting teams the chance to promote their benefits to aspiring players.

The reality is there are a lot of skilled players in Canada, USA and Europe but they aren’t getting the kind of exposure they need. When this happens, players often hang up their skates and call it quits because they don’t know about all the opportunities available, smaller leagues can’t afford scouts to get to the players, relocating is often required, and the biggest reason is, players and parents are often unrealistic about their skill and pass or shrug off opportunities that they shouldn’t.

We all know who the next big stars will be, they’re in the media all the time. A common misconception about our service is that we’re only looking to promote players to the big leagues like the CHL, USHL and such. Those leagues have the best scouts in the world working for them, they don’t miss a lot of players, sure they miss the odd one or two. The beauty thing about our service is we expose players to all the teams at all the levels, and the players skill level will to dictate where he / she will end up playing. Unfortunately, we can’t force a round peg into a square hole for you, but we can for sure get the right people looking at your profile. There are always forces that can affect a player’s chances as well such as, conflicts between scouts, extremely vocal parents, players not getting played when the scouts are watching, AA players who should be playing AAA, poor coaching, in some cases the influence of cash or a wealthy parent and sadly, financial factors that won’t allow a skilled kid to play competitive hockey. What’s been missing is an unbiased platform that gives players the ability to show their skill and talent to thousands of teams at the same time, without any politics being involved.

Roster Point works because we expose players to more people in a short period of time. More teams, more coaches, more players, more influential people all at the same time. By using Social Media to expose player profiles, more potential teams/coaches/scouts will see the player and the more eyes on the player the greater the chances of the player getting an opportunity. Players have moved from AA to AAA, players have made the jump to every Junior Hockey level (Tier III to Tier II to Tier I to CHL), Junior players have moved on to College Hockey in the NCAA and ACHA. A few players have made the ultimate jump to the NHL from Major Junior.

Although, we can’t guarantee every player will have success, we can guarantee that players will get noticed by more potential opportunities then they would ever get by waiting for a scout to find them.