Affiliate Marketing Program New

What is it?

We have developed our own Affiliate Marketing Program for Team's that use Roster Point. As an Affiliate Partner your team will get paid to promote Roster Point's to players that visit your website. The more players you get to register for Roster Point, the more money you’ll make. It’s a very simple concept.

How does it work?

When you register on Roster Point for FREE, your team will get a special LINK in the form of an Ad. You place this Ad on the front page of your team’s site. Players that click the Ad will be taken to the Roster Point website where they can register for a Player Profile. Your Affiliate Dashboard is where you can track every player that clicks your Link and players that Register. At the end of each month, you'll receive a deposit in your PayPal account in the amount of 13% of the players registration fees. It is very simple, you'll get FREE access to our player database where you can contact players directly and get paid at the same time. The players will get exposure to NCAA and ACHA teams, which will in turn help your program.

What do I have to do?

By advertising your Roster Point link, you'll see a lot of players coming to your website. You could send out emails to your player lists to attract more players to your site or send out posts on Social Media telling players to check out your site. To Keep track of the number of clicks, the number of players that have registered and the accumulating amount that your team will be paid, we’ve added the AFFILIATE Dashboard in your settings. Click “AFFILIATE” under settings and your Affiliate Dashboard will open.

How Much Can My Team Make?

The payouts are deposited into your Team PayPal account on the first of every month. Teams will be paid 13% of the Yearly Subscription Fee that the player pays. Example: We have three subscriptions, Bronze - $99.99, Silver - $159.99 and Gold - $249.99. The math is simple; If in a month, you had 20 players click your Link and only 10 of them registered for our Gold Subscription at $249.99/Yr. Your payout would be 10 x $249.99 = $2,499.99 x 13% = a payout of $324.99. If this remained constant over a year period, your Team will have collected $3,899.88 in extra revenue just by having our Ad on your site.

Setting it Up

Getting setup is easy. If you’re an existing team we'll send you the Ad with your tracking code embedded in it. All you have to do is install it on your website and you're ready to go. Keep an eye on your Dashboard to see how many clicks and registrations you’re getting. If you’re a new team to Roster Point, we'll contact you when you as soon as you register on our site.

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