Keegan Adams

Keegan Adams

Rocky Mountain Roughriders

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Last Updated: 1 year ago
Member Since: 1 year ago
Player Facts
Position: Right Defense
Shoots: Right
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Born: Jun 14, 2006
Hometown: Monument, United States
Agent/Advisor: No
Physical Status: Active
Playing Status: Available
Willing to Relocate: Yes
Playing Budget: 0 USD
Regular Season Stats
Season Team League GP G A P PIM PPG
2016/2017 2016-17 Colorado Rampage 10U Squirt AA 46 6 8 14 12 0.304
2017/2018 2017-18 Colorado Rampage 12U A 48 17 12 29 40 0.604
2018/2019 2018-19 Colorado Rampage 12U AAA 43 4 7 11 30 0.256
Playoff Stats
Season Team League GP G A P PIM PPG
Tournament Stats
Season Team Tournament GP G A P PIM PPG
About Me
We have two sayings that are repeated constantly in my family. “Creativity is the art of turning mistakes to your own benefit,” and “when in doubt, lay ‘em out.” I’m a loose, energetic, dynamic personality, who works to be a leader on and off the ice. I love the game and want to be a coach when I’m done playing hockey. I love being a part of a team, and am always there to encourage my teammates. While I hate to loose like anyone else, I’ve learned to take it in stride and keep fighting. I never slump my shoulders, feel sorry for myself, or give up. I believe in always showing positive and strong body language, a bad day on the ice is better than the best day anywhere else. I am dedicated to my craft, and the only way I’ve ever missed a game or practice has been by the will of my parents and coaches. I am a defensive minded player, who believes a good offense is the best defense. I’m usually listed as a defenseman, but am a drop and insert utility player. The last two years I’ve spent equal time as a top pair defenseman, a first/second line center, and on the wing. I can play all situations and live to be on the ice.
I have been told my strengths are my speed, aggressive play, strength, and physicality. I play all out all the time, fast, and like to play physical. I will take hits to make plays all day long. Find me hounding the opposition who try to setup in front of my goalies. I’ve been called an attack dog, and a good compliment to offset your stay at home D partner. At center and wing, I am known for attacking the neutral zone at top speed, putting defenses on their heels, and getting the puck deep. I am strong on the forecheck, love to attack dmen in the corners, and creating havoc. My coaches have always praised me for being coachable and willing to do whatever is asked of me.
Needs Improvement
I feel like I need to continue to work on everything all the time to continue to progress. Ultimately, it is my hands and puck control at top speed I want to focus on most of all. At times my speed can outpace my ability to handle the puck.
Career Goals
I want to play in the NHL. As for my path there, I’m not quite certain. I absolutely want to play Junior hockey but am not certain if I want to go the NCAA route, or play in Major Juniors. I do know whenever I’m done playing hockey I really want to coach. I’ve had the opportunity to assist with mites and learn to play programs and really enjoy it.

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