Players & Parents

For a lot of you this will be your second time signing up for a Roster Point Profile. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your business. Every competitive hockey player should have an online profile that allows them to edit it and make changes when ever they like. There isn’t another platform that allows you to do this 24/7/365. Without an online profile how will you be found?

There is still this naïve way of thinking among some players and parents that make them, think that if their good enough they’ll be found. Please change this way of thinking immediately! It doesn’t work that way, even if Mr. Bobby Orr says it’s true. Mr. Orr is referring to the top players in the world like Connor McDavid type of players. We all know that Connor is not a normal player. He’s an exception to every rule. Unless you’re the next McDavid you need an online profile and as we said there isn’t another platform that gives you the flexibility and Exposure that a Roster Point Profile will.

Here are the straight goods if you’re an AA or A player there’s no profile on your anywhere! If you’re a AAA player, you might have a profile with Elite Prospects, but every one of their profiles is wrong or outdated. Which profile would you want scouts and coaches to see? An outdated one that has your height at 5”2” or your Roster Point Profile that you just updated with your correct Height, Weight, Stats, Playing History, Video, Contact Info, and Bio? In todays competitive playing market, you must do everything you can to get noticed and with Roster Points subscription offerings you will be doing the very best thing you can to get the recognition you deserve.


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