Teams are the backbone of Roster Point Hockey, without them there'd be no one recruiting our players, and that wouldn't be a very successful business model. The value that your team brings to our platform deserves something in return, so we've decided that all teams are FREE to recruit players from the Roster Point Hockey database.

There's just one small catch, for the FREE access to the player database we are asking our Team partners to help us promote RPH to more players. This will in turn help all of you even more. To help us essentially help you we'd like to see our Logo and Link on your Teams Website.

In order to provide a safe environment for all players and to ensure no one is stealing your team's identity, we have a new 3D Security procedure in place. The 3D stands for Due Diligence Delay, what does that mean? Every time a new team registers, our team will perform our Due Diligence and confirm the identity of the registrant to be certain the person is with your club. This process can take up to 12 hours to complete, we'll get it done much sooner than that but to cover our backsides we have to say 12 hours.

Every Junior program out there relies heavily on their tryouts for more than just finding good talent. Team funding is just as important, the costs continue to rise and it's getting more and more difficult to ice a team now a days. What could be better than advertising your teams' tryouts to players across Canada, the USA and even Europe? Most Junior programs can't afford to have scouts in every corner of the hockey world, so letting players and parents know about your program is essential. Advertise your program in our monthly Player Showcase E-Magazine and make sure players who have never heard of your program get to know it. College/University Coaches will tell you; it is hard to get quality talent especially at NCAA D3 and ACHA D1, D2 and D3. Coaches will never have to worry about contacting players out of season again. Scout and recruit from your office of living room couch and advertise your program in our dedicated College Hockey Section in the Player Showcase E-Magazine.

Don't delay, start talking to the right players today!