What is an Ultimate College Hockey Program? (UHCP)

The UCHP offers Exclusive Exposure to NCAA and ACHA Hockey Coaches at all levels. Like our Ultimate Exposure Package UEP which used to focus more on exposure to Junior Hockey, the UCHP uses targeted Social Media Campaigns that put players in front of only College Coaches. We know how to negotiate with Colleges to get players better tuition fees, which is ultimately a scholarship. Our College Hockey expert has placed hundreds of players in College hockey, who didn't think they had a chance to make it. The best thing about the UCHP... is the Guarantee to place players in a College Hockey Program, that best suits their skill level.

How does it work?

NCAA and ACHA coaches receive targeted social media campaigns, direct email campaigns and our Player Showcase E-Magazine that gives them a special view of our UCHP Player Profiles. We ask these coaches to send us feedback on the players they're interested in. We then compile this info and show the results to the Player/ Parent. Normally multiple schools are interested in the same player(s), this gives us leverage. The UCHP Player(s) will choose their top 3 schools from the results of the feedback, then we go to work. Between the player/parents and the interested schools we find the best fit and negotiate the best deal for the player. Acceptance in the UCHP is not guaranteed, there are some criteria that we need to see in the Players Profile, before committing to a UCHP with a player. This criteria includes...

What does it cost?

The UCHP investment is only $1,500.00, and comes with a guarantee to show the player offers from NCAA or ACHA programs. We do not guarantee level of Hockey. This is purely based on the players skill. The feedback from so many schools will help the player and parents understand the level the player should be at.

How quickly can I start?

If you're reading this, you have already shown your interest in the UCHP. Click APPLY NOW and we'll let you know if you're approved. Only RPH Members can qualify for this program. When any new player registers for RPH there is a min. $9.99 per month fee, if accepted to the UCHP the monthly fee is waived moving forward. The first $9.99 covers the administration process.

Are you ready for college hockey?